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A Message From Our Founder -


Dear All, 

Here we are…a game of golf feels a long way off. It’s hard to know exactly what to say. It may seem highly inappropriate to show you golf shoes and accessories that you don’t currently need. At the heart of Royal Albartross are the craftsman and women and the small family run factories in Italy and Portugal. 'The little guys.' Many of these areas have been so hard hit by Covid-19. And that’s really at the core of our decision to keep calm and carry on. 

By choosing to purchase from RA you are contributing to part of the solution. Because at the end of 2020, it won’t be how well we have done, just that we have weathered this storm. It will be how many of these factories and craftsmen still have a livelihood to support their families and rebuild the local economy.  

Stay strong. Remain Positive. Keep perspective.

Founder and Head Designer 

Alex Bartholomew