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Our new collection, arriving soon... -

Our Founder & Creative Director, Alex Bartholomew, explains the inspiration and direction of our forthcoming 2022 collection:

Golf shoes have become more important than ever as life with a round between working-from-home became our daily escape. One thing is certain: they are now fair game to wear with just about anything. Reaffirming our stance on golf shoe design…to create product that looks and feels appropriate from the links to life and everywhere in between.


Our design team and I have worked tirelessly on a fresh chapter of footwear and accessories that is the first taster of exciting product to launch within the next 12 months. As always, the devil is in the details. All of our shoes are made only with premium components, and feature our signature colour band and hand stitched details. We have worked closely with ORTHOLITE™ to create the most supportive and comfortable insoles to complement our luxurious ultra-soft linings. We continue to focus our attention on improving performance and quality, in every shoe.


Inspired by our own back yard we have distilled the sartorial spirit of the city we live in into a collection that we believe will travel well beyond London to golfers all over the world looking for style, quality, and comfort on the course.

Style in Britain is invariably described as eclectic! But nowhere is the melting pot approach to dressing oneself to express personal style more apparent than in London, a place where dress sense is as diverse as the languages spoken in the capital and the endless choice of cuisine.

Whoever you are on the course, my hope is that our collection gives you the confidence to present yourself to the world exactly as you wish to be seen and allows you to play with style!